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E.W. Bullinger's Companion Bible Notes
Romans 11



Verse 1

Hath = Did.

God. App-98.

cast away = thrust aside. See Acts 7:27.

people. See Romans 10:21.

God forbid. See Romans 3:4.

also = indeed.

Verse 2

not. App-105.

foreknew. App-132.

Wot = Know. App-132.

of Elias = in (Greek. en) Elijah: i.e. in the section which gives Elijah"s history. Compare Mark 12:26. Luke 20:37.

maketh intercession. See Romans 8:27.

against. App-104.

Verse 3

Lord. App-98.

have. Omit.

digged down = overthrew. See Acts 15:16.

left. Greek. hupoleipo. Only here.

Verse 4

answer of God = Divine response. Greek. chrematismoa. Only here. Compare Acts 11:26.

unto = to.

men. App-123. Quoted from 1 Kings 19:10-18.

Verse 5

at. App-104.

time. See Romans 3:26.

remnant. Greek. leimma. Only here. Compare Romans 9:27.

according to. App-104.

election. See Romans 9:11.

grace. See Romans 1:5. App-184.

Verse 6

if. App-118.

no more = no longer. The texts omit last clause of the verse.

Verse 7

hath. Omit.

obtained. Greek. epitunchano. Only here, Hebrews 6:15; Hebrews 11:33. James 4:2.

rest. See Romans 1:13. App-124.

blinded = hardened. Greek. poroo. Here, 2 Corinthians 8:14, and three times in the Gospels. Compare Romans 11:25.

Verse 8

hath given = gave.

spirit. App-101.

slumber = stupor. Greek. katanuxis. Only here. Quoted from Isaiah 29:10.

see. App-133.

Verse 9

table. Put by Figure of speech Metaphor for material prosperity.

a = for (Greek. eis) a.

stumblingblock. See Romans 9:32.

recompence. Greek. antapodoma. Only here and Luke 14:12.

Verse 10

be darkened. See Romans 1:21.

bow down. Greek. sunkampto. Only here.

back. Greek. notos. Only here. Quoted from Psalms 69:23. Compare Deuteronomy 28:43.

Verse 11

Have, &c. = Did they not (Greek. me) stumble (Greek. ptaio. Only here, James 2:10; James 3:2. 2 Peter 1:10)?

that = in order that. Greek. hina.

should = might.

through = by (Dat.)

fall. App-128.

provoke, &c. See Romans 10:19.

Verse 12

world. App-129.

diminishing. Greek. hettema. Only here and 1 Corinthians 6:7. Compare 2 Corinthians 12:13.

fulness. Greek. pleroma. Compare App-125.

Verse 13

apostle. App-189.

magnify = glorify. Seep. 1511.

office = ministry. App-190.

Verse 14

provoke, &c. See Romans 11:11.

some. App-124.

Verse 15

casting away. See Acts 27:22 (loss), and compare Exodus 32:11.

reconciling. See Romans 5:11.

receiving. Greek. proslepsis. Only here.

but = if not (Greek. ei me).

life. App-170.

from the dead. Greek. ek nekron. App-139.

Verse 16

firstfruit. See Romans 8:23.

lump. See Romans 9:21.

is also = also is.

so, &c. = the branches also are.

Verse 17

be, &c. = were broken off. Greek. ekklazo. Only here and verses: Romans 11:19, Romans 11:20.

wild olive tree. The oleaster which bears no fruit. Greek. agrielaios. Only here and Romans 11:24.

graffed in. Greek. enkentrizo. Only here and verses: Romans 11:19, Romans 11:23, Romans 11:24.

among. App-104.

partakest = art partaker (Greek. sunkoinonos. Only here, 1 Corinthians 9:23. Philippians 1:1, Philippians 1:7. Revelation 1:9).

fatness. Greek. piotes. Only here.

Verse 18

Boast. Greek. katakauchaomai. Only here, James 2:13; James 3:14.

Verse 19

The. Omit.

Verse 20

unbelief. See Romans 11:30 with Romans 3:3.

faith App-150.

highminded = arrogant. Greek. hupselophroneo. Only here and 1 Timothy 6:17.

Verse 21

natural = according to (App-104.) nature.

lest. The texts read "that".

also spare not = neither (Greek. oude) spare.

Verse 22

Behold. App-133.

goodness. See Romans 2:4.

severity = cutting off. Greek. apotomia. Only here.

toward = on, as above.

if. App-118.

continue. See Romans 6:1.

Verse 23

abide = continue, as above.

Verse 24

if. App-118.

out of. App-104.

olive tree, &c. Read "wild olive tree which is so by (App-104.) nature".

contrary to. App-104.

good olive tree. Greek. kallielaioa. Only here. It is only in the kingdom of grace that such a process, thus contrary to nature, can be successful.

Verse 25

I would, &c. See Romans 1:13.

mystery = secret. App-193.

lest = in order that . . . not. Greek. hina me.

in your own conceits. Literally with (App-104) yourselves. Compare Proverbs 3:7.

blindness = hardness. Greek. porosis. See Mark 3:5.

in part. Greek. apo merous.

fulness. Greek. pleroma. That is, the fulness of times when the full number of Acts 15:17 is completed. Compare Luke 21:24. Isaiah 59:20.

Verse 26

Sion. App-68.

ungodliness. App-128.

from. App-104.

Verse 27

My covenant = the covenant (See Romans 9:4) with (App-104.) Me.

take away. Greek. aphaireo. Compare Hebrews 10:4. Revelation 22:19.

sins. App-128. This is a combined quotation from Isaiah 59:20, Isaiah 59:21 and Romans 27:9. App-107.

Verse 28

As concerning. App-104.

for . . . sakes = on account of (App-104. Romans 11:2).

as touching = as concerning, as above.

beloved. App-135.

Verse 29

gifts. App-184.

without repentance = not to be repented of. App-111.

Verse 30

in times past = at one time (pote).

have not believed = disobeyed. See Romans 2:8.

obtained mercy. Literally were pitied.

through. No preposition.

unbelief = disobedience. Greek. apeitheia, Also Romans 11:32. Ephesians 2:2; Ephesians 5:6. Colossians 3:6. Hebrews 4:6, Hebrews 4:11.

Verse 32

hath concluded = shut up. Greek. sunkleio, Elsewhere, Luke 5:6. Galatians 1:3, Galatians 1:22, Galatians 1:23.

in. Greek. eis.

have mercy upon = pity.

Verse 33

riches. See Romans 2:4. This verse is an example of the Figure of speech Thaumasmos. App-6.

knowledge. App-132.

unsearchable = inscrutable. Greek. anexereunetos. Only here.

judgments. App-177.

past finding out = untraceable. Greek. anexichniastos. Only here and Ephesians 3:8.

Verse 34

hath known = knew. App-132.

hath been = became.

counsellor = fellow-counsellor. Greek. sumboulos. Only here.

Verse 35

hath first given = gave first. Greek. prodidomi. Only here.

recompensed . . . again = repaid. Greek. antapodidomi. Here, Romans 12:19. Luke 14:14. 1 Thessalonians 3:9. 2 Thessalonians 1:6. Hebrews 10:30. Compare Romans 11:9.

Verse 36

through. App-104.

to. App-104.

glory. See Romans 1:23.

for ever. App-151. a. This verse is the Figure of speech Polyptoton (App-6), the pronoun "Him" being introduced by three different prepositions, ek, dia, and eis.


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