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Luke 24

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Verses 1-12


Very early on Sunday morning. Sunday has been called the “Lord’s Day” since then, because Jesus raised from death on Sunday. The women “saw the grave and how Jesus’ body was placed in it” on Friday, had “prepared the spices and ointments for his body” following the Jewish custom, and “on the Sabbath they rested. “ Notice the women came expecting to embalm the DEAD BODY. When they told the apostles, they thought it was nonsense, and did not believe them. For notes on Resurrection, and an explanation of how the Gospels agree on this, see Matthew 28:1-10.

Verse 13


Two of them were going. Only Luke tells this in detail. Cleopas was one of the two (Luke 24:18). Emmaus. Six or eight miles west of Jerusalem.

Verse 15


As they talked and discussed. About Jesus and his death. Jesus himself drew near. Mark says Jesus appeared in a different manner (see Mark 16:12-13). They did not know who he was. When our thoughts are on Jesus, we are most likely to have him with us (see notes on Matthew 18:19-20).

Verse 18


One of them, named Cleopas. Probably the Clopas of John 19:25. Compare note on Matthew 10:2-4.

Verses 19-24

19–24. What things? Christ asks this to get them to talk about it. They give a condensed version of the recent events. Who was going to redeem Israel. They had expected him to declare himself king and raise an army to drive out the Romans. Their hopes of this happening died with him. This is now the third day. This clearly identifies the day of Jesus’ resurrection. See note on Matthew 12:40. But could not find his body. This shows they still could not think in terms of a resurrection! They still had trouble believing even when they had seen him (Mark 16:14).

Verse 25


How foolish you are! They knew very well what the prophets had said, and they had been with Jesus over three years, and heard him explain all these things.

Verse 26


Was it not necessary? Isaiah 53:0; Daniel 9:26; etc., speak about this. And enter his glory. The ACT of the Cross is meant. See Luke 9:31.

Verses 29-32


Stay with us. That is, stay overnight and talk some more. And said the blessing. Not as a guest would do, but as a host. Their eyes were opened. This implies their eyesight was “distorted” so that he was unrecognizable to them. (See Luke 24:15.)

Verses 33-35


They got up at once! This kind of news would not keep! Found the eleven disciples. This may be the same meeting as the one in John 10:19-23. He has appeared to Simon! See 1 Corinthians 15:5.

Verses 36-43


Suddenly the Lord himself stood among them. They were behind locked doors (John 20:19). This implies that Jesus could “pass through” a door or wall in his resurrection body. Feel me, and you will see. His body showed the marks of his suffering. Thomas spoke of this as being proof (John 20:25). They were so full of Joy and wonder. This all seems too good to be true! Which he took and ate before them. As proof that he was real, not just a ghost or materialized spirit.

Verses 44-49


Then he said to them. Luke passes over an interval of weeks, between Luke 24:43-44. Christ was seen a number of times after his resurrection (see notes on Matthew 28:9). Then he opened their minds. To help them understand. He repeats the “OBLIGATION” he placed on them in Galilee (see notes on Matthew 28:16-20). Jesus requires that in his name (1) repentance; (2) forgiveness of sins; (3) must be preached; (4) to all nations; (5) beginning in Jerusalem. They did this, beginning from the Day of Pentecost. What my Father has promised. The baptism with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:5). But you must wait. Their great mission of making disciples to Christ could not begin until they received the gift of the Holy Spirit from the Father.

Verses 50-53


Then he led them not. Compare Mark 16:19-20; Acts 1:1-9. And blessed them. The last act of our Lord on the earth, was a blessing. Filled with great Joy. Their Lord and Savior was ALIVE and had been taken up to sit on his throne! [Compare Acts 15:16-18 and notes there,] And spent all their time in the temple. Worshiping and teaching. See Acts 2:46. Luke 24:53 is a connecting link between Luke and Acts.

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