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Verses 1-3

Luke 8:1-3 . The Women Friends of Jesus (Lk. only).— Nothing shows the originality of Jesus more than His attitude towards women. Lk. especially dwells on this both in the Gospel and in Ac, where we see how much the early Church owed to the gentler sex. It is possible that some of these women who showed their gratitude to the Healer by supporting His mission, were only secure against a return of their maladies as they continued in His company.

Luke 8:2 . Magdalene: i.e. of Magdala (p. 29, cf. Matthew 15:39), then a flourishing town on the Lake of Galilee.

Luke 8:3 . Joanna: Luke 24:10; cf. Introd.— Chuza, Herod’ s steward: the overseer of Antipas’ s property, his estate manager.

Verses 4-15

Luke 8:4-15 . Parable of the Sower ( Mark 4:1-20 *, Matthew 13:4-23 *).— Having dropped Mk. at Luke 6:19, Lk. here resumes his predecessor’ s narrative, though reserving Mark 3:20-35 till later. Lk.’ s version is the shortest of the three. His variations, especially in the interpretation, are interesting but call for no comment here.

Verses 16-18

Luke 8:16-18 . The Lamp ( Mark 4:21-25 *)

Luke 8:16 is repeated at Luke 11:33; Luke 11:17 at Luke 12:2; Luke 12:18 b at Luke 19:26.

Verses 19-21

Luke 8:19-21 . Intervention of Jesus’ Family ( Mark 3:31-35 *, Matthew 12:46-50 *).— Lk. abbreviates and softens. The influence of the parable of the Sower is seen in Luke 8:21.

Verses 22-56

Luke 8:22-56 . Wonder Stories: the tempest, the demoniac and the swine, Jairus’ daughter, and the woman with hemorrhage ( Mark 4:35 to Mark 5:43 *, Matthew 8:23-34 *, Matthew 9:18-26 *).— Lk. follows Mk. with slight changes, e.g. the storm is not definitely an evening one; the demons ask that they should not be sent into the abyss ( i.e. Tartarus, the prison-house of evil spirits, Revelation 20:1-3); Jairus’ daughter is an only child, cf. Luke 7:12, Luke 9:38.

Bibliographical Information
Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Luke 8". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". 1919.