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1: ἡγέομαι
(Strong's #2233 — Verb — hegeomai — hayg-eh'-om-ahee )

signifies "to lead;" then, "to lead before the mind, to suppose, consider, esteem;" translated "esteem" in Philippians 2:3 , AV, RV, "counting;" in 1 Thessalonians 5:13 , "esteem;" in Hebrews 11:26 , AV, "esteeming," RV, "accounting."

2: κρίνω
(Strong's #2919 — Verb — krino — kree'-no )

signifies "to separate, choose;" then, "to approve, esteem;" translated "esteemeth" in Romans 14:5 (twice), said of days; here the word "alike" (AV) is rightly omitted in the RV, the meaning being that every day is especially regarded as sacred. See DETERMINE.

3: λογίζομαι
(Strong's #3049 — Verb — logizomai — log-id'-zom-ahee )

"to reckon," is translated "esteemeth" in Romans 14:14 (RV, "accounteth"). See ACCOUNT.

Notes: (1) In 1 Corinthians 6:4 , AV, exoutheneo, "to set at nought," is rendered "are least esteemed;" the meaning is that judges in the world's tribunals have no place (are not of account) in the church. See ACCOUNT. (2) In the AV marg. of 1 Peter 2:17 , timao, "to honor," is rendered "esteem." (3) For "highly esteemed," Luke 16:15 , AV, see EXALT , B.

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