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Laying On

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1: ἐπίθεσις
(Strong's #1936 — Noun Feminine — epithesis — ep-ith'-es-is )

"a laying on" (epi, "on," tithemi, "to put"), is used in the NT (a) of the "laying" on of hands by the Apostles, accompanied by the impartation of the Holy Spirit in outward demonstration, in the cases of those in Samaria who had believed, Acts 8:18; such supernatural manifestations were signs especially intended to give witness to Jews as to the facts of Christ and the faith; they were thus temporary; there is no record of their continuance after the time and circumstances narrated in Acts 19 (in Acts 19:6 of which the corresponding verb epitithemi is used; see below), nor was the gift delegated by the Apostles to others (see LAY , Nos. 1 and 10); (b) of the similar act by the elders of a church on occasions when a member of a church was set apart for a particular work, having given evidence of qualifications necessary for it, as in the case of Timothy, 1 Timothy 4:14; of the impartation of a spiritual gift through the laying on of the hands of the Apostle Paul, 2 Timothy 1:6 , RV, "laying" (AV, "putting"); cp. the verb epitithemi in Acts 6:6 , on the appointment of the seven, and in the case of Barnabas and Saul, Acts 13:3; also in Acts 19:6; (c) in Hebrews 6:2 , the doctrine of the "laying" on of hands refers to the act enjoined upon an Israelite in connection, e.g., with the peace offerings, Leviticus 3:2,8,13; 4:29,33; upon the priests in connection with the sin offering, Leviticus 4:4; 16:21; upon the elders, Leviticus 4:15; upon a ruler, Leviticus 4:24 .

The principle underlying the act was that of identification on the part of him who did it with the animal or person upon whom the hands were laid. In the Sept, 2 Chronicles 25:27; Ezekiel 23:11 .

Note: For the "laying" of Christ's hands on the sick, see LAY , No. 10.

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