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Miserable, Miserably, Misery

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A — 1: ἐλεεινός
(Strong's #1652 — Adjective — eleeinos — el-eh-i-nos' )

"pitiable, miserable" (from eleos, "mercy, pity;" see MERCY), is used in Revelation 3:17 , in the Lord's description of the church at Laodicea; here the idea is probably that of a combination of "misery" and pitiableness.

Note: For the comparative degree eleeinoteros, rendered "most pitiable" in 1 Corinthians 15:19 , RV (AV, "most miserable") see PITIABLE.

A — 2: κακός
(Strong's #2556 — Adjective — kakos — kak-os' )

"bad, evil," is translated "miserable" in Matthew 21:41 , RV (AV, "wicked"). See BAD.

B — 1: κακῶς
(Strong's #2560 — Adverb — kakos — kak-oce' )

"badly, ill," is translated "miserably" in Matthew 21:41 (see A, No. 2). Adhereing to the meaning "evil," and giving the designed stress, the sentence may be rendered, "evil (as they are) he will evilly destroy them."

C — 1: ταλαιπωρία
(Strong's #5004 — Noun Feminine — talaiporia — tal-ahee-po-ree'-ah )

"hardship, suffering, distress" (akin to talaiporos, "wretched," Romans 7:24; Revelation 3:17 , and to talaiporeo, in the Middle Voice, "to afflict oneself," in James 4:9 , "be afflicted"), is used as an abstract noun, "misery," in Romans 3:16; as a concrete noun, "miseries," in James 5:1 .

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