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Pay, Payment

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1: ἀποδίδωμι

(Strong's #591 — Verb — apodidomi — ap-od-eed'-o-mee )

"to give back, to render what is due, to pay," used of various obligations in this respect, is translated "to pay, to make payment," in Matthew 5:26; 18:25 (twice),26,28,29,30,34; 20:8; RV (AV, "give"). See DELIVER.

2: τελέω

(Strong's #5055 — Verb — teleo — tel-eh'-o )

"to bring to an end, complete, fulfill," has the meaning "to pay" in Matthew 17:24; Romans 13:6 . See ACCOMPLISH.

Notes: 17:24; Romans 23:23 , AV, apodekatoo, "to tithe," is translated "ye pay tithe" (RV, "ye tithe"). (2) In Hebrews 7:9 , dekatoo (Passive Voice), "to pay tithe," is translated "hath paid tithes," RV (perfect tense). See TITHE.

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