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Shekel, Half Shekel

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1: στατήρ

(Strong's #4715 — Noun Masculine — stater — stat-air' )

a teradrachmon or four drachmae, originally 224 grains, in Tyrian currency, but reduced in weight somewhat by the time recorded in Matthew 17:24; the value was about three shillings, and would pay the Temple tax for two persons, Matthew 17:27 , RV, "shekel" (AV, "a piece of money"); in some mss., Matthew 26:16; see MONEY , Note.

2: δίδραχμον

(Strong's #1323 — Noun Neuter — didrachmon — did'-rakh-mon )

"a half-shekel" (i.e., dis, "twice," drachme, "a drachma," the coin mentioned in Luke 15:8,9 ), was the amount of the tribute in the 1st cent., A.D., due from every adult Jew for the maintenance of the Temple services, Matthew 17:24 (twice). This was based on Exodus 30:13,24 (see also Exodus 38:24-26; Leviticus 5:15; 27:3,25; Numbers 3:47,50; 7:13 ff.; 18:16 ).

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