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(Graecized Γαλλίων ), a son of the rhetorician M. Annaeus Seneca, and elder brother of Seneca the philosopher. His name was originally MA. Ann. Novatus, but changed to JUNIUS ANNAEUS (or ANNIENUS) GALLIO, in consequence of his adoption by L. Junius Gallio the rhetorician (Pliny, Hist. Nat. 31:33; Tacitus, Annal. 16:17; Quintil. Inst. Orat. 3:1, 21; 9:2, 91). Seneca dedicated to him his treatise De Vita Beata, and in the preface to the fourth book of his Naturales Quaestiones describes him as a man universally beloved (comp. Stat. Silv. 2:7, 32); and who, while exempt from all other vices, especially abhorred flattery. Dion Cassius (60:35) mentions a witty but bitter joke which he made in reference to the persons put to death by Claudius. According to Eusebius, he committed suicide before the death of Seneca (Thesaurus Temporum, page 161, Amstel. 1658), but Tacitus speaks of him as alive after that event (Annal. 15:73), and Dion Cassius states that he was put to death by order of Nero (see Antonii Bibl. Hispan. vet. 1:121 sq.). One writer (Gelpe, Defamiliarit. Pauli c. Senec. Lips. 1813, page 18) thinks that Seneca was converted through .the instrumentality of Paul. He was Proconsul (ἀνθυπατεύοντος, Tex. rec.; ἀνθυπάτου ὔντος , Tischendorf) of Achaia (Acts 18:12) under the emperor Claudius, when Paul first visited Corinth. and nobly refused to abet the persecution raised by the Jews against the apostle (see Dannhauer, De Gallionismo, Argent. 1664; also in his Disp. theol. Page 175 sq.), A.D. 49. (See ACHAIA). Dr. Lardner has noticed the strict accuracy of Luke in giving him this designation, which is obscured in the Auth. Vers. by the use of the term deputy (Credibility, part 1, book 1, chapter 1; Works, 1:34). (See PRECONSUL). He is said to have resigned the government of Achaia on account of the climate not agreeing with his health (see Sieieca, Ep. 104). (See PAUL).

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