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(Heb. Chelkath'hats-Tsutrms', חֶלְקִתאּהִצֻּרַים ,plot of the rocks), a designation of the plain just below the pool of Gibeon, on the east, acquired from the deadly combat between twelve of Ishbosheth's men and as many of David's, which formed a prelude to the general engagement (2 Samuel 2:16). (See GIBEON). As to the name, "Ewald approves the reading which the Sept. seem to have followed (μερὶς τῶν ἐπιβούλων, apparently from their reading הִצָּרַים ), as that which alone gives a suitable meaning to the name (Gesch. Isr. 2, 575, note 1). Gesenius renders by the field of swords,' which can hardly be admitted; for, though צוּר is used in the sense of an edge,' it is never used simply for sword.' Furst gives Felsenkahlheit, rock-smoothness,' as the meaning, the place being smooth and level as a surface of rock. Aquila gives κλῆρος τῶν στερεῶν, and the Vulg. Ager robustorum, taking צוּר in a figurative sense, of which, however, there is no other instance"

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McClintock, John. Strong, James. Entry for 'Helkath-Hazzurim'. Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature. Harper & Brothers. New York. 1870.

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