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is the rendering of two Heb. words of marked import, besides one or two in an ordinary sense.

1. כַּיר, kir (only in the dual, כַּירִיַם, kira'yim, Leviticus 11:35, "ranges for pots"), apparently a cooking-furnace, perhaps of pottery (as it could be broken), and double (as having places for two pots or more, or, perhaps, consisting of two stoves set together). (See OVEN); (See POT).

2. שְׂדֵרָה , sederah', a rank, or row, of soldiers, drawn up in cordon ("range," 2 Kings 11:8; 2 Kings 11:15; 2 Chronicles 23:14); also timbers or chambers in the stories of a building ("board," 1 Kings 6:9). (See ATHALIAH, TEMPLE)


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