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( דּוֹנָג or דּוֹנִג, dondg, supposed to come from a root דנג, significant of melting or yielding), the soft sticky substance of which bees form their cells, and which is readily separated from the honey by melting in warm water (Psalms 22:14; Psalms 68:2; Psalms 97:5; Micah 1:4). This is properly called beeswax, and is of vegetable origin, although manipulated by the bees from the pollen of flowers. But there are other kinds of wax, made from resins, either vegetable or mineral (the latter originally vegetable likewise), by the addition of proportions of grease, such as shoemaker's wax, grafting wax, etc. It is doubtful whether the Hebrews were acquainted with any of these artificial sorts.

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