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A — 1: αὐγάζω

(Strong's #826 — Verb — augazo — ow-gad'-zo )

"to shine," is used metaphorically of the light of dawn, in 2 Corinthians 4:4 (some texts have kataugazo). Cp. auge, "brightness or break of day," Acts 20:11 . The word formerly meant "to see clearly," and it is possible that this meaning was continued in general usage.

A — 2: διαυγάζω

(Strong's #1306 — Verb — diaugazo — dee-ow-gad'-zo )

signifies "to shine through" (dia, "through," auge, "brightness"); it describes the breaking of daylight upon the darkness of night, metaphorically, in 2 Peter 1:19 , of the shining of spiritual light into the heart. A probable reference is to the Day to be ushered in at the Second Coming of Christ: "until the Day gleam through the present darkness, and the Light-bringer dawn in your hearts."

Note: Cp. diauges, "translucent, transparent," Revelation 21:21 (some texts have diaphanes, "transparent").

A — 3: ἐπιφώσκω

(Strong's #2020 — Verb — epiphosko — ep-ee-foce'-ko )

"to grow light" (epi, "upon," phos, "light"), in the sense of shining upon, is used in Matthew 28:1; in Luke 23:54 , "drew on" (of the Sabbath-day); RV, marg., "began to dawn." See DRAW.

B — 1: ὄρθρος

(Strong's #3722 — Noun Masculine — orthros — or'-thros )

"daybreak," denotes "at early dawn," Luke 24:1 (RV), "early in the morning" (AV); John 8:2 (AV and RV); in Acts 5:21 , RV, "about daybreak," for AV, "early in the morning."

Note: Cp. orthrios, "early," in some texts in Luke 24:22; orthrinos, a later form of orthros, in some mss. in Revelation 22:16; orthrizo, "to do anything early in the morning," in Luke 21:38 .

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