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A — 1: ὀκνέω
(Strong's #3635 — Verb — okneo — ok-neh'-o )

akin to oknos, "a shrinking, to be loath or slow to do a thing, to hesitate, delay," is used in Acts 9:38 . In the Sept. in Numbers 22:16 , "do not delay;" Judges 18:9 .

A — 2: χρονίζω
(Strong's #5549 — Verb — chronizo — khron-id'-zo )

from chronos, "time," lit. means "to while away time," i.e., by way of lingering, tarrying, "delaying;" "delayeth," Matthew 24:48; Luke 12:45; "tarried," Matthew 25:5; "tarried so long," Luke 1:21; "will (not) tarry," Hebrews 10:37 . See TARRY.

B — 1: ἀναβολή
(Strong's #311 — Noun Feminine — anabole — an-ab-ol-ay' )

lit. signifies "that which is thrown up" (ana, "up," ballo, "to throw"); hence "a delay," Acts 25:17 . See DEFER.

Note: In Revelation 10:6 , chronos is translated "delay" in RV marg., and is to be taken as the true meaning.

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