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1: ἀσπάζομαι

(Strong's #782 — Verb — aspazomai — as-pad'-zom-ahee )

lit. signifies "to draw to oneself;" hence, "to greet, salute, welcome," the ordinary meaning, e.g., in Romans 16 , where it is used 21 times. It also signifies "to bid farewell," e.g., Acts 20:1 , RV, "took leave of" (AV, "embraced"). A "salutation or farewell" was generally made by embracing and kissing (see Luke 10:4 , which indicates the posibility of delay on the journey by frequent salutation). In Hebrews 11:13 it is said of those who greeted the promises from afar, RV, "greeted," for AV, "embraced." Cp. aspasmos, "a salutation." See GREET , LEAVE (take), SALUTE.

Note: In Acts 21:6 the most authentic texts have apaspazomai (apo, and No. 1), "to bid farewell."

2: συμπεριλαμβάνω

(Strong's #4843 — Verb — sumperilambano — soom-per-ee-lam-ban'-o )

lit., "to take around with," (sun, "with" peri, "around," lambano, "to take"), "to embrace," is used in Acts 20:10 , in connection with Paul's recovery of Eutychus. In the Sept., Ezra 5:3 , "to enclose."

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