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Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words


1: πωλέω

(Strong's #4453 — Verb — poleo — po-leh'-o )

"to exchange or barter, to sell," is used in the latter sense in the NT, six times in Matthew, three in Mark, six in Luke; in John only in connection with the cleansing of the Temple by the Lord, 2:14,16; in Acts only in connection with the disposing of property for distribution among the community of believers, 4:34,37; 5:1; elsewhere, 1 Corinthians 10:25; Revelation 13:17 .

2: πιπράσκω

(Strong's #4097 — Verb — piprasko — pip-ras'-ko, prah'-o )

from an earlier form, perao, "to carry across the sea for the purpose of selling or to export," is used (a) literally, Matthew 13:46; 18:25; 26:9; Mark 14:5; John 12:5; Acts 2:45; 4:34; 5:4; (b) metaphorically, Romans 7:14 , "sold under sin," i.e., as fully under the domination of sin as a slave is under his master; the statement evinces an utter dissatisfaction with such a condition; it expresses, not the condemnation of the unregenerate state, but the evil of bondage to a corrupt nature, involving the futility of making use of the Law as a means of deliverance.

3: ἀποδίδωμι

(Strong's #591 — Verb — apodidomi — ap-od-eed'-o-mee )

"to give up or back," also means, in the Middle Voice, "to give up of one's own will;" hence, "to sell;" it is so used in Peter's question to Sapphira as to "selling" the land, Acts 5:8; of the act of Joseph's brothers, Acts 7:9; of Esau's act in "selling" his birthright, Hebrews 12:16 .

Note: In James 4:13 , AV, emporeuomai, "to trade" (RV), is rendered "buy and sell."

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