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Strong's #4921 - συνιστάω

soon-is-tah'-o, soon-is-tah'-an'-o, soon-is-tah'-ay-mee
Root Word (Etymology)
from (G4862) and (G2476) (including its collat. forms)
Parts of Speech
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  1. to place together, to set in the same place,to bring or band together
    1. to stand with (or near)
  2. to set one with another
    1. by way of presenting or introducing him
    2. to comprehend
  3. to put together by way of composition or combination, to teach by combining and comparing
    1. to show, prove, establish, exhibit
  4. to put together, unite parts into one whole
    1. to be composed of, consist
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 631 ‑ אָסַר (aw‑sar');  2856 ‑ חָתַם (khaw‑tham');  3369 ‑ יָקַשׁ (yaw‑koshe');  3559 ‑ כּוּן (koon);  4723 ‑ מִקְוֵא (mik‑veh', mik‑vay', mik‑vay');  5647 ‑ עָבַד (aw‑bad');  5975 ‑ עָמַד (aw‑mad');  6485 ‑ פָּקַד (paw‑kad');  6680 ‑ צָוָה (tsaw‑vaw');  6950 ‑ קָהַל (kaw‑hal');  7971 ‑ שָׁלַח (shaw‑lakh');  
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Verse Results
KJV (16)
Luke 1
Romans 3
2 Corinthians 9
Galatians 1
Colossians 1
2 Peter 1
NAS (17)
Luke 1
Romans 3
2 Corinthians 9
Galatians 1
Colossians 2
2 Peter 1
CSB (15)
Luke 1
Romans 3
2 Corinthians 9
Galatians 1
Colossians 1
BSB (16)
Luke 1
Romans 3
2 Corinthians 9
Galatians 1
Colossians 1
2 Peter 1
ESV (15)
Luke 1
Romans 2
2 Corinthians 9
Galatians 1
Colossians 1
2 Peter 1
WEB (15)
Luke 1
Romans 3
2 Corinthians 8
Galatians 1
Colossians 1
2 Peter 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


also συνιστάνω (Plb. 4.82.5, J. BJ Prooem. 5, Sor. 1.126 (Pass.)); συνιστάω (Arist. GA 777a6, Pr. 928a9, Conon 48, 2 Corinthians 6:4; impf. συνίστα Plb. 3.43.11, dub. in D.H. 8.18): impf. συνίστην, fut. συστήσω, aor. 1 συνέστησα: trans. pf. συνέστᾰκα, found only in later texts, PSI 9.1035.14 (ii A.D.), S.E. M. 7.109, AP 11.139 (Lucill.), Iamb. VP 35.261:

set together, combine, τὰς χορδὰς ἀλλήλαις Pl. R. 412a; τὰς ἄρκυς καὶ τὰ δίκτυα f.l. in X. Cyn. 6.12.

II combine, associate, unite, ς. τοὺς Ἀρκάδας ἐπὶ τῇ Σπάρτῃ Hdt. 6.74, cf. 3.84; Πελοποννήσου τὰ δυνατώτατα Th. 6.16; ταύτας (sc. τὰς πόλεις) Isoc. 5.30; πόλεις πρὸς ἀλλήλας X. HG 3.5.2; τοὺς ἐπιτηδείους ἐς ξυνωμοσίαν Th. 8.48; τὰ πάντα ἀριθμοῖς S.E. M. 7.109. ς. Ἀσίην ἑωυτῷ unite Asia in dependence on himself, Hdt. 1.103; μαντικὴν ἑωυτῷ συστῆσαι bring prophetic art into union with himself, i.e. win, acquire it, Id. 2.49; ς. τινὰ ἀντίπαλον ἑαυτῷ X. Cyr. 6.1.26; ς. τισὶν ἡγεμόνα Plb. 2.24.6, cf. 3.42.6, 15.5.5.

III put together, organize, frame, ζῷον ἔμψυχον Pl. Ti. 91a; τέχνην Id. Smp. 186e; πρᾶγμα ὁτιοῦν ἐκ μοχθηρῶν καὶ χρηστῶν ς. Id. Plt. 308c; ς. τὴν ὀλιγαρχίαν Th. 8.48; ἐκ δημοκρατίας καὶ μοναρχίας τὴν πολιτείαν Arist. Pol. 1266a23, cf. 1284b18; ἑταιρείαν Lex ap. D. 46.26: Med., τοῖς ἑτέραν αἵρεσιν (school) συστησαμένοις Gal. 15.505; οἱ συνιστάμενοι τὰς τέχνας ib.449; θεωρήματα συνίστασθαι Id. 16.725.

2. contrive, ς. θάνατον ἐπί τινι Hdt. 3.71; ἐφ' ἡμᾶς πόλεμον D. 15.3; ἐπίθεσιν ἐπὶ τοὺς Σπαρτιάτας Arist. Pol. 1306b35; ς. τιμάς settle prices, D. 56.7.

3. Med. in these senses, τὸ ὅλον συνίστασθαι Pl. Phdr. 269c; τὸ δεῖπνον Diph. 43.5: mostly aor. 1, μὴ ἐκ χρηστῶν καὶ κακῶν ἀνθρώπων συστήσηται πόλιν Pl. Plt. 308d; οὐρανόν Id. Ti. 32b; πᾶν τόδε ib. 69c, cf. R. 530a; πόλεμον Isoc. 10.49, Plb. 2.1.1; ς. μοι μάχην PTeb. 44.14 (ii B.C.); πολιορκίαν Plb. 1.30.5; κίνδυνον Id. 3.106.4; παρατάξεις D.S. 1.18; ἀντιλογίαν πρός με PGrenf. 1.38.8 (ii/i B.C.), cf. PSI 3.167.14 (ii B.C.), Mitteis Chr. 31 iv 21 (ii B.C.); ἀηδίαν PLond. 2.342.6 (ii A.D.), BGU 22.15 (ii A.D.); οὐδένα λόγον συνισταμένη πρὸς ἡμᾶς rendering no account to us. PAmh. 2.31.17 (ii B.C.), cf. PRein. 18.33 (ii B.C.); ς. ἀγῶνας Plu. Fab. 19; ἑορτήν Apollod. 3.14.6; ναυτικὰς δυνάμεις, μισθοφόρους, Plb. 1.25.5, 4.60.5; also, arrange in order of battle, rally, Id. 3.43.11, dub. in D.H. 8.18.

4. Math., erect two straight lines from points on a given straight line so as to meet and form a triangle, in Pass., Arist. Mete. 376a2, b2, cf. Euc. 1.7, Papp. 106.12; of two arcs of great circles on a sphere, Id. 476.19, 22.

5. of an author, compose, μύθους, τὴν Ὀδύσσειαν, etc., Arist. Po. 1455a22, 1451a29, etc. bring together as friends, introduce or recommend one to another, τινάς τινι Pl. La. 200d, cf. X. Smp. 4.63; ἵνα τῳ τῶν.. σοφιστῶν.. συστήσω τουτονί, as a pupil, Pl. Thg. 122a; τινὰ ἰατρῷ ς. περὶ τῆς ἀσθενείας Id. Chrm. 155b; σύστησον αὐτοὺς.. ὅπως πλέωσι PCair.Zen. 2.2 (iii B.C.), cf. 195.6 (iii B.C.), PMich.Zen. 6.2, 3 (iii B.C., Act. and Pass.): Pass., συνεστάθη Κύρῳ X. An. 3.1.8; Κύρῳ συσταθησόμενος ib. 6.1.23, cf. PCair.Zen. 447.1, 11 (iii B.C.), Phld. Acad.Ind. p.49 M.; ἔχειν τινὰ συνεσταμένον, συνιστάμενον, regard him as introduced or recommended, POxy. 787 (i A.D.), PHolm. p.42. recommend, secure approval of a course of action, SIG 679.90 (Magn. Mae., ii B.C.):

Med., recommend persons for appointment, PLond. 3.1249.7 (iv A.D.). τὸ οἰκεῖον συνιστάναι bring about intimacy, Men. 602. place in the charge of, συνέστησεν ὁ ἀρχιδεσμώτης τῷ Ἰωσὴφ αὐτούς LXX Genesis 40:4; συνέστησά σοι Χαιράμμωνα δοῦλον πρὸς μάθησιν σημείων POxy. 724.2 (ii A.D.). appoint to a charge, LXX Numbers 27:23; appoint a representative, ς. ἀντ' ἐμαυτῆς τὸν ἕτερον ἐμοῦ ἀδελφόν PTeb. 317.10 (ii A.D.); συνέστησά σε φροντιοῦντά μου τῶν ὑπαρχόντων BGU 300.3, cf. 20 (ii A.D.): Pass., Sammelb. 4512.39 (ii B.C.); ἐπίτροπος συσταθείς CPHerm. 55.5 (iii A.D.); συσταθεὶς συνήγορος Plu. 2.840e.

2. of a debtor, offer another as a guarantee, τινί τινα Isoc. 17.37: c. inf., συστήσαντος ἀποδοῦναι introduce the party who was to pay, D. 41.16, cf. ib.6: c. acc. rei, guarantee a loan, ἃς (sc. δραχμὰς) συνέστησεν Ἀρτεμίδωρος ἀργυ(ρίου) PCair.Zen. 326.167 (iii B.C.); ἃς (sc. δραχμὰς) παρὰ Ἱέρωνος συνεστήσαμεν PMich.Zen. 61.28 (iii B.C.); Σέλευκός μου αὐτοὺς (sc. τοὺς τρεῖς στατῆρας) ἐκκέκρουκε λέγων ὅτι συνέστακας ἑαυτῷ PFay. 109.9 (i A.D.). make solid or firm, brace up, τὸ σῶμα Hp. Aph. 3.17, cf. Thphr. CP 1.8.3; ς. [τὰ ἴχνη ] sets them, X. Cyn. 5.3; ὑπὲρ τοῦ συνεστῶτος [τοῦ τείχους ], i.e. the unbroken part, Jul. Or. 2.64c; contract, condense, opp. διακρίνω or διαλύω, Arist. GC 336a4, Cael. 280a12;

of liquids, make them congeal, curdle, γάλα Poll. 1.251; φλέγμα Hp. Vict. 2.54 (v.l.): metaph., συστήσας τὸ πρόσωπον with a frown, Plu. 2.152b. exhibit, give proof of, εὔνοιαν Plb. 4.5.6; ς. ὅτι.. Id. 3.108.4: c. acc. et inf., D.S. 14.45: c. part., ς. τινὰς ὄντας Id. 13.91.

2. prove, establish, Phld. Sign. 4, Rh. 1.112S. Pass., with aor. 2 Act. συνέστην: pf. συνέστηκα, part. συνεστηκώς, contr. συνεστώς, ῶσα, ώς or ός (Pl. Ti. 56b), Ion. συνεστεώς, εῶσα (neut. not found), Hdt. 1.74, 6.108: fut. συσταθήσομαι X. An. 6.1.23, Arist. Mete. 376a2; fut. Med. ξυστήσομαι A. Th. 435, 509, 672, Pl. Ti. 54c: aor. Pass. συνεστάθην [ ] X. An. 3.1.8, al., PCair.Zen. 447.1, 11 (iii B.C.), PTeb. 27.35 (ii B.C.), etc.: stand together, περὶ τὸν τρίποδα (of statues) Hdt. 8.27; opp. διίστασθαι, X. Cyn. 6.16; of soldiers, form in order of battle, Id. An. 5.7.16, 6.5.28, al.; συστάντες ἁθρόοι ib. 7.3.47.

II in hostile sense, to be joined, of battle, once in Hom., πολέμοιο συνεσταότος Il. 14.96; τῆς μάχης συνεστεώσης Hdt. 1.74; πόλεμος ξυνέστη Th. 1.15, cf. Hdt. 7.144, 8.142; περὶ ταῦτα μάχη τις συνέστηκεν Pl. Sph. 246c; τοῦτο συνεστήκεε this combat continued, Hdt. 7.225.

2. of persons, συνίστασθαί τινι meet in fight, be cngaged with, A. Th. 509, Hdt. 6.108, Ar. V. 1031; θνατὸς δ' ἀθανάτῳ συστήσομαι AP 5.92 (Rufin.); τινὶ ξ... ἐν μάχῃ E. Supp. 847; ξυσταθέντα διὰ μάχης Id. Ph. 755; συνεστάναι μαχομένους Hdt. 1.214; συνέστασαν χρόνον ἐπὶ πολλόν Id. 6.29: metaph., συνεστήκεε δὲ ταύτῃ τῇ γνώμῃ ἡ Γωβρύεω was at odds with.., Id. 4.132: abs., συνεστηκότων τῶν στρατηγῶν when the generals were at issue, Id. 8.79; γνῶμαι μὲν αὗται συνέστασαν Id. 1.208, cf. 7.142; συνίσταται ἐπ' ἐμέ makes a dead set at me, Men. Sam. 211.

3. to be involved or implicated in a thing, λιμῷ, πόνῳ, λιμῷ καὶ καμάτῳ, Hdt. 7.170, 8.74, 9.89; ἀλγηδόνος ᾇ ξυνέστας S. OC 514 (lyr.); συνεστῶτες ἀγῶνι ναυτικῷ Th. 4.55; καρτερᾷ μάχῃ ib. 96.

III of friends, form a league or union, band together, Id. 6.21, 33, etc.; κατὰ σφᾶς αὐτοὺς ξ. Id. 2.88; ἀλλήλοις X. HG 2.1.1; ξυνίστασθαι πρὸς ἑκατέρους league themselves with one side or the other, Th. 1.1, cf. 15; μετά τινος D. 34.34, etc.; ἐπί τινας against them, Lys. 22.17, cf. 30.10 (abs.); καί μ' οὐ λέληθεν οὐδὲν ἐν τῇ πόλει ξυνιστάμενον no conspiracy, Ar. Eq. 863, cf. X. Cyr. 1.1.2; οἱ συνιστάμενοι the conspirators, Ar. Lys. 577 (anap.); τὸ ξυνεστηκός Th. 8.66.

2. generally, to be connected or allied, as by marriage, c. acc. cogn., λέχος Ἡρακλεῖ ξυστᾶσα S. Tr. 28: in magic, συνιστάνου.. τοῖς.. θεοῖς put yourself into connexion with.., PMag. Leid.W. 1.29; συσταθεὶς πρὸ[ς] τὸν ἥλιον PMag.Par. 1.168: in law, Αὐρηλία Βησοῦς μετὰ συνεστῶτος Αὐρηλίου Θέωνος A. B. acting with A. T., POxy. 912.4 (iii A.D.), cf. Sammelb. 7338.5 (iii/iv A.D.).

3. of an assembly, to be in session, ἔτι τῆς ἐκκλησίας συνεστώσης Plu. Nic. 28; τῆς τῶν Νεμείων πανηγύρεως ς. Id. Phil. 11; οἱ τὴν σύνοδον συνεσταμένοι εἰς τὸ ἐν Σήτει ἱερόν OGI 111.25 (Egypt, ii B.C.). to come or be put together, of parts, συνιστάμεν' ἄλλοθεν ἄλλα Emp. 35.6, cf. E. Fr. 910.6 (anap.), Pl. R. 530a; ἐπειδὴ πάντα συνειστήκει X. Cyr. 6.1.54; ς. ἐξ ὀλιγίστων μερῶν Pl. Ti. 56b, cf. 54c; ἡ πόλις ἐξ οἰκιῶν ς. X. Mem. 3.6.14; ἐξ ὧν ὁ κόσμος ς. Arist. EN 1141b2; esp. in military sense, ξυνεστὼς στρατός an organized army, E. IA 87; ἱππικὸν συνεστηκός an organized force of cavalry, X. An. 7.6.26; τὸ συνεστηκὸς στράτευμα the organized force, D. 8.17,46. of a play, to be composed, Arist. Po. 1453b4; ἡ πολιτεία (compared to a tragedy) συνέστηκε μίμησις τοῦ καλλίστου βίου Pl. Lg. 817b. arise, take shape or body, τὸ συνιστάμενον κακόν D. 18.62, cf. 6.35; πόλις οὕτω συστᾶσα Pl. R. 546a; ἐνταῦθα συνίστανται [ψύλλαι ] Arist. HA 556b26, cf. Thphr. CP 4.4.10, Sor. 2.37, al., Gal. Vict.Att. 9; ς. ἀπό τινος arise from.., Phld. Ir. p.76W. in aor. 2 and pf., come into existence, exist, μεγάλη συνέστη δύναμις βασιλέων Pl. Ti. 25a; συμμαχία ἡ περὶ Κόρινθον συστᾶσα Isoc. 4.142; τοῦ καιροῦ τῆς τῶν γενημάτων συναγωγῆς συνεστηκότος PSI 3.173.12 (ii B.C.); κεχωρίσθαι ἀπ' ἀλλήλων τῆς συστάσης αὐτοῖς συμβιώσεως BGU 1102.9 (i B.C.); οἰκία.. σὺν τοῖς συνεστῶσι μέτροις καὶ πηχισμοῖς καὶ συνεστῶσι θεμελίοις Sammelb. 5247.6, 11 (i A.D.). to be compact, solid, firm, οὔτε σκιδνάμενον οὔτε συνιστάμενον Parm. 2.4; συνεστῶτα σώματα, of animals in good condition, X. Cyn. 7.8, cf. Pl. Ti. 83a; acquire substance or consistency, of eggs, Arist. HA 567a28; of blood, honey, milk, ib. 516a5, 554a6, Hp. Vict. 2.51; of the embryo, συνίσταται καὶ λαμβάνει τὴν οἰκείαν μορφήν Arist. GA 733b20; of the brain, ib. 744a22; of the bowels, Hp. Epid. 3.17. ά, Coac. 589; ῥεῦμα συνεστηκός concentrated, Id. Medic. 7; συνεστηκυῖα χιών congealed, frozen, Plb. 3.55.2. to be contracted, συνεστῶτι τῷ προσώπῳ frowning, Plu. Demetr. 17; τοῦ ξυνεστῶτος φρενῶν (cf. σύστασις B. 11.3) E. Alc. 797; συνεστηκώς absorbed in thought, Men. Pk. 291. συνέστηκε c. acc. et inf., it is well known that.., = Lat. constat, Marcian. Peripl. 1 Prooem. to be weighed together, συνεστάθη Inscr.Délos 1423 Aa i17, 1429 B i3 (ii B.C.).

Thayer's Expanded Definition

συνιστάνω and συνιστάω, see the following word.

STRONGS NT 4921: συνίστημι συνίστημι (Romans 3:5; Romans 5:8; Romans 16:1; 2 Corinthians 10:18; Galatians 2:18 Rec.; participle συνιστάντες, 2 Corinthians 4:2 L T Tr; L T Tr), or συνιστάνω (2 Corinthians 5:12; Galatians 2:18 G L T Tr WH; infinitive συνιστάνειν, 2 Corinthians 3:1 R G T WH; participle συνιστάνων, 2 Corinthians 4:2 WH; WH; L T Tr WH), or συνιστάω (infinitive συνισταν, 2 Corinthians 3:1 L Tr; participle συνίστων, 2 Corinthians 4:2 R G; R G; Rec.; see ἵστημι); 1 aorist συνέστησα; perfect συνέστηκα; 2 perfect participle συνεστώς (nominative plural neuter συνεστωτα, 2 Peter 3:5 WH marginal reading); present passive infinitive συνίστασθαι; from Homer, Iliad 14, 96 down;

1. to place together, to set in the same place, to bring or band together; in the 2 aorist, perfect and pluperfect intransitively, to stand with (or near): συνεστώς τίνι, Luke 9:32.

2. to set one with another i. e. by way of presenting or introducing him, i. e. to commend (Xenophon, Plato, Demosthenes, Polybius, Josephus, Plutarch): τινα, 2 Corinthians 3:1; 2 Corinthians 6:4; 2 Corinthians 10:12, 18; τινα τίνι, Romans 16:1; 2 Corinthians 5:12 (cf. Buttmann, 393 (336)); τινα πρός συνείδησιν τίνος, 2 Corinthians 4:2; passive, ὑπό τίνος, 2 Corinthians 12:11 (1 Macc. 12:43; 2 Macc. 4:24).

3. to put together by way of composition or combination, to teach by combining and comparing, hence, to show, prove, establish, exhibit (Winer's Grammar, 23 (22)): τί, Romans 3:5; Romans 5:8 (εὔνοιαν, Polybius 4, 5, 6); ἑαυτούς ὡς τινες, 2 Corinthians 6:4; with two accusatives, one of the object, the other of the predicate, Galatians 2:18 (Diodorus 13, 91; συνίστησιν συτον προφήτην, Philo rer. div. haer. § 52); followed by an accusative with an infinitive (cf. Buttmann, 274 (236)), 2 Corinthians 7:11 (Diodorus 14, 45).

4. to put together (i. e. unite parts into one whole), perfect, pluperfect and 2 aorist to be composed of, consist: ἐξ ὕδατος καί δἰ ὕδατος, 2 Peter 3:5 (cf. Winers Grammar, § 45, 6 a.; (see above, at the beginning)); to cohere, hold together: τά πάντα συνέστηκεν ἐν αὐτῷ, Colossians 1:17 (Plato, de rep. 7, p. 530 a.; Tim., p. 61 a.; (Bonitz's index to Aristotle (Berlin Acad. edition) under the word συνισταναι), and often in ecclesiastical writings; (cf. Lightfoot on Colossians, the passage cited)).

STRONGS NT 4921a: συνκατανεύω [συνκατανεύω: 1 aorist participle συνκατανευσας; to consent to, agree with: Acts 18:27 WH (rejected) marginal reading (Polybius 3, 52, 6; others.)]

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

συν -ίστημι ,

[in LXX for H6680 pi., H6950 ni., etc.; 1 Maccabees 12:43, 2 Maccabees 4:24, 3 Maccabees 1:19 (and freq. in these books);]

1. trans.,

(a) to commend, recommend: c. acc pers., 2 Corinthians 3:1; 2 Corinthians 6:4; 2 Corinthians 10:12; 2 Corinthians 10:18; id. c. dat., Romans 16:1 (as freq. at the beginning of a letter; Deiss., LAE, 226), 2 Corinthians 5:12; seq. πρός , 2 Corinthians 4:2; pass., seq. ὑπό , 2 Corinthians 12:11;

(b) to show, prove, establish: c. acc, Romans 3:5; Romans 5:8, 2 Corinthians 6:4; dupl. acc, Galatians 2:13; acc et inf., 2 Corinthians 7:11

2. Intrans., pf., συνέστηκα (as also 2 aor. and plpf.);

(a) to stand with or near: Luke 9:32;

(b) to be composed of, consist, cohere: Colossians 1:17 (v. Lft., in l), 2 Peter 3:5.†

συνιστάνω and συνιστάω , see συνίστημι .

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

";put in its place,"; ";appoint,"; ";enrol,"; is seen in such passages as P Par 26.20 (B.C. 162) (= UPZ i. p. 248, Selections, p. 15) τῶν δὲ πρὸς τοῖς χειρισμοῖς ἐν τῶι Σαραπιείωι. . τεταγμένων, ";those who had been appointed to the administration in the Serapeum,"; P Oxy II. 259.3 (A.D. 23) τῷ τεταγμένῳ πρὸς τῇ τοῦ Διὸς φυλακῇ, ";governor of the prison of Zeus,"; P Fay 29.15 (notice of death–A.D. 37) ὅπως ταγῆι τ ̣ο ̣υ ̣[του ] ο ̣͗ν [ο ]μ ̣α ̣ ἐν τῆι τῶν [τετ ]ελευτηκότων τάξ [ει, ";that his name may be placed on the list of deceased persons,"; so ib. 30.13 (A.D. 173), P Oxy X. 1252 verso.30 (A.D. 288–95) τετράμηνος γὰρ ἐφ᾽ ἑκάστου τέτακτα ̣ι ̣, ";for a period of four months is allotted to each"; (Edd.), and PSI IV. 298.8 (beg. iv/A.D.) τὸν τεταγμένον χρόνο (ν).

In P Oxy II. 274.7 (A.D. 89–97) ὧν καὶ τὸ τέλος ἔταξαν, the verb is used of ";paying"; the succession duty, which in ii/B.C. was 5% : cf. PSI IV. 388.51 (B.C. 244–3) ἃ δεῖ τάξασθαι εἰς τὸ βασιλικόν, ib. I. 56.10 (A.D. 107) ὧν καὶ τάξομαι τὸ καθῆκον τέλος.

For a weakened sense of the verb see P Oxy VIII. 1159.16 (late iii/A.D.) τάξαι τοῖς ἀνθρώποις ὅτι πέμπω τὰ ἀναλώματα αὐτῶν, ";tell the men that I am sending the expenses for them"; (Ed.).

The mid. is also used = ";appoint for oneself"; in P Fay 129.3 (iii/A.D.) Ἀπολλῶτι συνέβαλον καὶ ἐτάξατο πάντως καταβῆναι τῇ ἑνδεκάτῃ καὶ τὴν παράδοσιν ποιήσασθαι, ";I arranged with Apollos, and he appointed for certain the eleventh for his coming down and making the delivery"; (Edd.), ib. 130.8 (iii/A.D.) προνοῶ τοῦ χ [α ]λκοῦ πά [ντη πάν ]τως καθὼς ἐταξάμη ̣[ν, ";I am by all means looking after the copper, as I arranged"; (Edd.) : cf. Matthew 28:16, Acts 28:23. Hence also the sense ";enter into an agreement with"; in such passages as P Hamb I. 25.11 (B.C. 238–7) Κάλας τέτακται συναντήσεσθαι πρὸς σὲ τῆι κ ̄ε ̄ τοῦ Χοίακ μη ̣ν ̣ο ̣(ς), and P Magd I. 12.5 (B.C. 217) ταξάμενοί μοι ἐπὶ Διονυσίου, ";they agreed verbally with me in the presence of Dionysius"; (see the editor’s note).


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
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