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Abominable, Abomination

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A — 1: ἀθέμιτος

(Strong's #111 — Adjective — athemitos — ath-em'-ee-tos )

occurs in Acts 10:28 , "unlawful," and 1 Peter 4:3 , "abominable" (a, negative, themitos, an adjective from themis, "law"), hence, "unlawful." See UNLAWFUL.

A — 2: βδελυκτός

(Strong's #947 — Adjective — bdelyktós — bdel-ook-tos' )

Titus 1:16, is said of deceivers who profess to know God, but deny Him by their works.

B — 1: βδελύσσομαι

(Strong's #948 — Verb — bdelusso — bdel-oos'-so )

see ABHOR , No. 2.

C — 1: βδέλυγμα

(Strong's #946 — Noun Neuter — bdelugma — bdel'-oog-mah )

akin to A, No. 2 and B, denotes an "object of disgust, an abomination." This is said of the image to be set up by Antichrist, Matthew 24:15; Mark 13:14; of that which is highly esteemed amongst men, in contrast to its real character in the sight of God, Luke 16:15 . The constant association with idolatry suggests that what is highly esteemed among men constitutes an idol in the human heart. In Revelation 21:27 , entrance is forbidden into the Holy City on the part of the unclean, or one who "maketh an abomination and a lie." It is also used of the contents of the golden cup in the hand of the evil woman described in Revelation 17:4 , and of the name ascribed to her in the following verse.

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