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Gather, Gathering

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A — 1: συνάγω
(Strong's #4863 — Verb — sunago — soon-ag'-o )

"to gather or bring together," is said of (a) persons, e.g., Matthew 2:4; (b) things, e.g., Matthew 13:30; in Luke 15:13 the idea is that of "gathering" his goods together for sale, i.e., "having sold off all." See ASSEMBLE , BESTOW , COME , RESORT.

A — 2: ἐπισυνάγω
(Strong's #1996 — Verb — episunago — ep-ee-soon-ag'-o )

"to gather together," suggesting stress upon the place at which the "gathering" is made (epi, "to"), is said of a hen and her chickens, Matthew 23:37; and so of the Lord's would-be protecting care of the people of Jerusalem, id., and Luke 13:34; of the "gathering" together of the elect, Matthew 24:31; Mark 13:27; of the "gathering" together of a crowd, Mark 1:33; Luke 12:1 .

A — 3: συλλέγω
(Strong's #4816 — Verb — sullego — sool-leg'-o )

"to collect, gather up or out" (sun, "with" lego, "to pick out"), is said of "gathering" grapes and figs, Matthew 7:16; Luke 6:44 (cp. No. 5); tares, Matthew 13:28,29,30,40; good fish, Matthew 13:48; "all things that cause stumbling, and them that do iniquity," Matthew 13:41 .

A — 4: συστρέφω
(Strong's #4962 — Verb — sustrepho — soos-tref'-o )

signifies (a) "to twist together or roll into a mass" ("sun, together," strepho, "to turn"), said of the bundle of sticks "gathered" by Paul, Acts 28:3; (b) "to assemble or gather together" (possibly, to journey about together), of persons, Matthew 17:22 (in the best mss.), RV, marg.

A — 5: τρυγάω
(Strong's #5166 — Verb — trugao — troo-gah'-o )

signifies "to gather in," of harvest, vintage, ripe fruits (truge denotes "fruit," etc., gathered in autumn), Luke 6:44 , of grapes (last part of ver.; for the previous clause, as to figs, see No. 3); metaphorically, of the clusters of "the vine of the earth," Revelation 14:18; of that from which they are "gathered," Revelation 14:19 .

A — 6: ἄθλησις
(Strong's #119 — Noun Feminine — athroizo — ath'-lay-sis )

denotes "to assemble, gather together," Luke 24:33 (according to the best mss.); the word is akin to athroos, "assembled in crowds" (not found in the NT).

A — 7: συναθροίζω
(Strong's #4867 — Verb — sunathroizo — soon-ath-royd'-zo )

sun, "together," and No. 6, signifies (a) "to gather together," Acts 19:25 , RV (AV, "called together"); in the Passive Voice, 12:12.

A — 8: ἐπαθροίζω
(Strong's #1865 — Verb — epathroizo — ep-ath-roid'-zo )

"to assemble besides" (epi), said of multitudes, Luke 11:29 , is rendered "were gathering together" (Middle Voice), RV (AV, "were gathered thick together").

Notes: (1) In Ephesians 1:10 , AV, the verb anakephalaioo, "to sum up, head up," is rendered "might gather together in one" (RV, "sum up"). (2) In Luke 8:4 , AV (suneimi, "to come together") as "were gathered together" (see RV). (4) For "assuredly gathering," see CONCLUDE.

B — 1: ἐπισυναγωγή
(Strong's #1997 — Noun Feminine — episunagoge — ep-ee-soon-ag-o-gay' )

"a gathering together," is used in 2 Thessalonians 2:1 , of the "rapture" of the saints; for Hebrews 10:25 , see ASSEMBLE.

Note: For logia, 1 Corinthians 16:2 , AV, see COLLECTION.

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