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Learn, Learned

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1: μανθάνω
(Strong's #3129 — Verb — manthano — man-than'-o )

denotes (a) "to learn" (akin to mathetes, "a disciple"), "to increase one's knowledge," or "be increased in knowledge," frequently "to learn by inquiry, or observation," e.g., Matthew 9:13; 11:29; 24:32; Mark 13:28; John 7:15; Romans 16:17; 1 Corinthians 4:6; 14:35; Philippians 4:9; 2 Timothy 3:14; Revelation 14:3; said of "learning" Christ, Ephesians 4:20 , not simply the doctrine of Christ, but Christ Himself, a process not merely of getting to know the person but of so applying the knowledge as to walk differently from the rest of the Gentiles; (b) "to ascertain," Acts 23:27 , RV, "learned" (AV, "understood"); Galatians 3:2 , "This only would I learn from you," perhaps with a tinge of irony in the enquiry, the answer to which would settle the question of the validity of the new Judaistic gospel they were receiving; (c) "to learn by use and practice, to acquire the habit of, be accustomed to," e.g., Philippians 4:11; 1 Timothy 5:4,13; Titus 3:14; Hebrews 5:8 . See UNDERSTAND.

2: γινώσκω
(Strong's #1097 — Verb — ginosko — ghin-oce'-ko )

"to know by observation and experience," is translated "to learn," in the RV of Mark 15:45; John 12:9 . See ALLOW.

3: ἀκριβόω
(Strong's #198 — Verb — akriboo — ak-ree-bo'-o )

"to learn carefully," is so translated in Matthew 2:7,16 , RV (AV, "diligently enquired").

4: μυέω
(Strong's #3453 — Verb — mueo — moo-eh'-o )

"to initiate into mysteries," is translated "I have learned the secret" (Passive Voice, perfect tense) in Philippians 4:12 , RV (AV, "I am instructed"). See INSTRUCT.

Note: Paideuo, "to teach, instruct, train," is translated "instructed" in Acts 7:22 , RV (AV, "learned"); in 1 Timothy 1:20 , "(that) they might be taught," AV, "(that) they may learn."

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Vines, W. E., M. A. Entry for 'Learn, Learned'. Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words. 1940.

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