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Continue, Continuance

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1: γίνομαι
(Strong's #1096 — Verb — ginomai — ghin'-om-ahee )

signifies (a) "to begin to be" (suggesting origin); (b) "to become" (suggesting entrance on a new state); (c) "to come to pass" (suggesting effect); hence with the meaning (c) it is translated "continued" in Acts 19:10 . See ARISE.

2: διατελέω
(Strong's #1300 — Verb — diateleo — dee-at-el-eh'-o )

"to bring through to an end" (dia, "through," telos, "an end"), "to finish fully" or, when used of time, "continue right through," is said of "continuing" fasting up to the time mentioned, Acts 27:33 .

3: μένω
(Strong's #3306 — Verb — meno — men'-o )

see ABIDE.

* Compounds of meno with this meaning, are as follows:

4: διαμένω
(Strong's #1265 — Verb — diameno — dee-am-en'-o )

"to continue throughout," i.e., without interruption (No. 3 with dia, "through"), is said of the dumbness of Zacharias, Luke 1:22 , AV, "remained;" of the "continuance" of the disciples with Christ, Luke 22:28 ; of the permanency of the truth of the Gospel with churches, Galatians 2:5 ; of the unchanged course of things, 2 Peter 3:4 ; of the eternal permanency of Christ, Hebrews 1:11 . See REMAIN.

5: ἐμμένω
(Strong's #1696 — Verb — emmeno — em-men'-o )

"to remain in" (en, "in"), is used of "abiding in a house," Acts 28:30 (in the best mss.); of "continuing" in the faith, Acts 14:22 ; in the Law, Galatians 3:10 ; in God's covenant, Hebrews 8:9 .

6: ἐπιμένω
(Strong's #1961 — Verb — epimeno — ep-ee-men'-o )

lit., "to remain on," i.e., in addiion to (epi, "upon," and No. 3), "to continue along still to adibe," is used of "continuing" to ask, John 8:7 ; to knock, Acts 12:16 ; in the grace of God, Acts 13:43 ; in sin, Romans 6:1 ; in God's goodness, Romans 11:22 ; in unbelief, Romans 11:23 (AV, "abide"); in the flesh, Philippians 1:24 ; in the faith, Colossians 1:23 ; in doctrine, 1 Timothy 4:16 ; elsewhere of abiding in a place. See ABIDE , TARRY.

7: παραμένω
(Strong's #3887 — Verb — parameno — par-am-en'-o )

"to remain by or near" (para, "beside," and No. 3), hence, "to continue or persevere in anything," is used of the inability of Levitical priests to "continue," Hebrews 7:23 ; of persevering in the law of liberty, James 1:25 ; it is translated "abide" in Philippians 1:25 (2nd clause, in the best mss.), RV (see Note (1)), and in 1 Corinthians 16:6 . See ABIDE.

8: προσμένω
(Strong's #4357 — Verb — prosmeno — pros-men'-o )

"to remain with" (pros, "with," and No. 3), "to continue with a person," is said of the people with Christ, Matthew 15:32 ; Mark 8:2 (AV, "been with"); of "continuing" in supplications and prayers, 1 Timothy 5:5 . See ABIDE , CLEAVE (unto), TARRY.

9: προσκαρτερέω
(Strong's #4342 — Verb — proskartereo — pros-kar-ter-eh'-o )

lit., "to be strong towards" (pros, "towards," used intensively, and kartereo, "to be strong"), "to endure in, or persevere in, to be continually steadfast with a person or thing," is used of "continuing" in prayer with others, Acts 1:14 ; Romans 12:12 ; Colossians 4:2 ; in the Apostles' teaching, Acts 2:42 ; in the Temple, Acts 2:46 ("continuing steadfastly," RV), the adverb representing the intensive preposition; in prayer and the ministry, Acts 6:4 (RV, "will continue steadfastly"); of Simon Magus with Philip, Acts 8:13 . In Mark 3:9 ; Acts 10:7 , it signifies "to wait on;" in Romans 13:6 , to attend "continually" upon. See ATTEND INSTANT, WAIT.

10: διανυκτερεύω
(Strong's #1273 — Verb — dianuktereuo — dee-an-ook-ter-yoo'-o )

"to pass the night through" (dia, "through," nux, "a night"), "to continue all night," is found in Luke 6:12 , of the Lord in spending all night in prayer.

Notes: (1) The following are translated by the verb "to continue," in the AV, in the places mentioned: diatribo, "to tarry," (according to inferior mss.) John 11:54 ; Acts 15:35 (RV, "tarried"); histemi, "to stand," Acts 26:22 (RV, "stand"): kathizo, "to sit down," Acts 18:11 (RV, "dwelt"): parateino, "to extend, stretch," Acts 20:7 (RV, "prolonged"); parameno, "to abide together with," Philippians 1:25 , RV, "abide with;" the AV, "continue," translating sumparameno (in some mss.), marks the difference from the preceding meno. See ABIDE , No. 4.

(2) In Romans 2:7 , for AV, "patient continuance," the RV has "patience" (lit., "according to patience").

(3) In Revelation 13:5 poieo, "to do," is rendered "to continue."

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