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(Heb. Abicha'yil, אֲבַיחִיַל , father of [i.e. endowed with] might, or perhaps leader of the song), the name of three men and two women.

1. (Sept. ‘Αβιχαϊ v λ .) The father of Zuriel, which latter was the chief of the Levitical family of Merari at the exode (Numbers 3:35). B.C. ante 1657.

2. (Sept. ‘Αβιγαία v. r. ‘Αβιχαία .) The wife of Abishur (of the family of Jerahmeel), and mother of Ahban and Molid (1 Chronicles 2:29, where the name in some MSS. is Abiha'yil, אֲבַיהִיַל, apparently by error). B.C. considerably post 1612.

3. (Sept. ‘Αβιχαία .) The son of Huri, and one of the family chiefs of the tribe of Gad, who settled in Bashan (1 Chronicles 5:14), B.C. between 1093 and 782.

4. (Sept. ‘Αβιαϊάλ v. r. ‘Αβιαϊ v α and ‘Αβιχαία .) The second wife of king Rehoboam, to whom she or the previous wife bore several sons (2 Chronicles 11:18). B.C. 972. She is there called the "daughter" of Eliab, the son of Jesse, which must mean descendant [ (See FATHER) ], since David, the youngest of his father's sons, was thirty years old when he began to reign, eighty years before her marriage.

5. (Sept. ‘Αμιναδάβ v. r. ‘Αβιχαϊ v α .) The father of Esther, and uncle of Mordecai (Esther 2:15; Esther 9:29;' comp. 2:7). B.C. ante 479.

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