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Offer, Offering

Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words

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A — 1: προσφέρω

(Strong's #4374 — Verb — prosphero — pros-fer'-o )

primarily, "to bring to" (pros, "to," phero, "to bring"), also denotes "to offer," (a) of the sacrifice of Christ Himself, Hebrews 8:3; of Christ in virtue of his High Priesthood (RV, "this high priest;" AV, "this man"); Hebrews 9:14,25 (negative),28; 10:12; (b) of offerings under, or according to, the Law, e.g., Matthew 8:4; Mark 1:44; Acts 7:42; 21:26; Hebrews 5:1,3; 8:3; 9:7,9; 10:1,2,8,11; (c) of "offerings" previous to the Law, Hebrews 11:4,17 (of Isaac by Abraham); (d) of gifts "offered" to Christ, Matthew 2:11 , RV, "offered" (AV, "presented unto"); (e) of prayers "offered" by Christ, Hebrews 5:7; (f) of the vinegar "offered" to Him in mockery by the soldiers at the cross, Luke 23:36; (g) of the slaughter of disciples by persecutors, who think they are "offering" service to God, John 16:2 , RV (AV, "doeth"); (h) of money "offered" by Simon the sorcerer, Acts 8:18 . See BRING , A, No. 8, DEAL WITH, No. 2.

A — 2: ἀναφέρω

(Strong's #399 — Verb — anaphero — an-af-er'-o )

primarily, "to lead" or "carry up" (ana), also denotes "to offer," (a) of Christ sacrifice, Hebrews 7:27; (b) of sacrifices under the Law, Hebrews 7:27; (c) of such previous to the Law, James 2:21 (of Isaac by Abraham); (d) of praise, Hebrews 13:15; (e) of spiritual sacrifices in general, 1 Peter 2:5 . See BEAR , No. 3, BRING, A, No. 2.

A — 3: δίδωμι

(Strong's #1325 — Verb — didomi — did'-o-mee )

to give, is translated "to offer" in Luke 2;24; in Revelation 8:3 , AV, "offer" (RV, "add;" marg., "give"). See GIVE.

A — 4: παρέχω

(Strong's #3930 — Verb — parecho — par-ekh'-o )

"to furnish, offer, present, supply," is used in Luke 6:29 , of "offering" the other cheek to be smitten after receiving a similar insult; for the AV marg., in Acts 17:31 , see ASSURANCE , A, No. 1. See BRING , A, No. 21.

A — 5: σπένδω

(Strong's #4689 — Verb — spendo — spen'-do )

"to pour out as a drink offering, make a libation," is used figuratively in the Passive Voice in Philippians 2:17 , "offered" (RV marg., "poured out as a drink offering;" AV marg., "poured forth"). In 2 Timothy 4:6 , "I am already being offered," RV (marg., "poured out as a drink-offering"), the Apostle is referring to his approaching death, upon the sacrifice of his ministry. This use of the word is exemplified in the papyri writings.

Notes: (1) In Luke 11:12 , AV epididomi, "to give" (epi, "over," in the sense of "instead of," and No. 3), is translated "will he offer" (RV, and AV marg., "will he give"). (2) In Acts 7:41 , AV, anago, "to lead up" or "bring up," is rendered "offered" (RV, "brought"). (3) In Acts 15:29; 21:25; and 1 Corinthians 8:1,4,10; 10:19 , AV, eidolothutos, "sacrificed to idols," is translated "offered to idols" (thuo denotes "to sacrifice"). See SACRIFICE.

B — 1: προσφορά

(Strong's #4376 — Noun Feminine — prosphora — pros-for-ah' )

lit., "a bringing to" (akin to A, No. 1,), hence an "offering," in the NT a sacrificial "offering," (a) of Christ's sacrifice, Ephesians 5:2; Hebrews 10:10 (of His body); 10:14; negatively, of there being no repetition, Hebrews 10:18; (b) of "offerings" under, or according to, the Law, Acts 21:26; Hebrews 10:5,8; (c) of gifts in kind conveyed to needy Jews, Acts 24:17; (d) of the presentation of believers themselves (saved from among the Gentiles) to God, Romans 15:16 .

B — 2: ὁλοκαύτωμα

(Strong's #3646 — Noun Neuter — holokautoma — hol-ok-ow'-to-mah )

"a burnt offering:" See BURNT.

B — 3: ἀνάθημα

(Strong's #334 — Noun Neuter — anathema — an-ath'-ay-mah )

denotes "a gift set up in a temple, a votive offering" (ana, "up," tithemi, "to place"), Luke 21:5 , RV "offerings" (AV, "gifts") Cp. anathema (see CURSE).

Notes: (1) In Luke 21:4 , AV, the plural of doron, "a gift," is translated "offerings" (RV, "gifts"). (2) In Romans 8:3; Hebrews 13:11 , the RV, "as an offering" is added to complete the sacrificial meaning of peri.

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