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A — 1: πρᾶξις
(Strong's #4234 — Noun Feminine — praxis — prax'-is )

"a doing, deed" (akin to prasso, "to do or practice"), also denotes "an acting" or "function," translated "office" in Romans 12:4 . See DEED.

A — 2: ἱερατεία
(Strong's #2405 — Noun Feminine — hierateia — hee-e-at-i'-ah )

or hieratia, denotes "a priest's office," Luke 1:9; Hebrews 7:5 , RV, "priest's office" (AV "office of the priesthood").

B — 1: ἱερατεύω
(Strong's #2407 — Verb — hierateuo — hee-er-at-yoo'-o )

"to officiate as a priest" (akin to A, No. 2), is translated "he executed the priest's office" in Luke 1:8 . The word is frequent in inscriptions.

Notes: (I) In Romans 11:13 , AV, diakonia, "a ministry," is translated "office" (RV, "ministry"). (2) In Acts 1:20 , RV, episkope, "an overseership," is translated "office" (marg., "overseership;" AV, "bishopric"). (3) In 1 Timothy 3:1 , the word "office," in the phrase "the office of a bishop," has nothing to represent it in the original; the RV marg. gives "overseer" for "bishop," and the phrase lit. is "overseership;" so in 1 Timothy 3:10,13 , where the AV has "use (and 'used') the office of a deacon," the RV rightly omits "office," and translates the verb diakoneo, "to serve," "let them serve as deacons" and "(they that) have served (well) as deacons."

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