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1: ἐκκλίνω
(Strong's #1578 — Verb — ekklino — ek-klee'-no )

"to turn away from, to turn aside," lit., "to bend out of" (ek, "out," klino, "to bend"), is used in Romans 3:12 , of the sinful condition of mankind, AV, gone out of the way," RV, "turned aside;" in Romans 16:17 , of turning away from those who cause offenses and occasions of stumbling (AV, "avoid"); in 1 Peter 3:11 of turning away from evil (AV, "eschew"). See ESCHEW , WAY.

2: ἐκτρέπω
(Strong's #1624 — Verb — ektrepo — ek-trep'-o )

lit., "to turn or twist out," is used in the Passive Voice in Hebrews 12:13 , "that which is lame be not turned out of the way" (or rather, "put out of joint"); in the sense of the Middle Voice (though Passive in form) of turning aside, or turning away from, 2 Timothy 4:4 (AV, "shall be turned unto fables," RV, "shall turn aside"); in 1 Timothy 1:6 , of those who having swerved from the faith, have turned aside unto vain talking; in 2 Timothy 5:15 , of those who have turned aside after Satan; in 2 Timothy 6:20 , RV, of "turning away from (AV, 'avoiding') profane babblings and oppositions of the knowledge which is falsely so called." See TURN. In the Sept., Amos 5:8 .

3: παραιτέομαι
(Strong's #3868 — Verb — paraiteomai — par-ahee-teh'-om-ahee )

lit., "to ask aside" (para, "aside," aiteo, "to ask"), signifies (a) "to beg of (or from) another," Mark 15:6 , in the most authentic mss.; (b) "to deprecate," (1) "to entreat (that) not," Hebrews 12:19 ; (2) "to refuse, decline, avoid," 1 Timothy 4:7 ; 5:11 ; 2 Timothy 2:23 ; Titus 3:10 (see No. 4 for Titus 3:9 ); Hebrews 12:25 ; (c) "to beg off, ask to be excused," Luke 14:18,19 (some would put Hebrews 12:25 here). See EXCUSE , INTREAT , REFUSE , REJECT.

4: περιΐστημι
(Strong's #4026 — Verb — periistemi — per-ee-is'-tay-mee )

in the Active Voice, means "to stand around" (peri, "around," histemi, "to stand"), John 11:42 ; Acts 25:7 ; in the Middle Voice, "to turn oneself about," for the purpose of avoiding something, "to avoid, shun," said of profane babblings, 2 Timothy 2:16 ; of foolish questions, genealogies, strife, etc., Titus 3:9 (AV, "avoid"). See SHUN , STAND.

5: στέλλω
(Strong's #4724 — Verb — stello — stel'-lo )

"to place," sometimes signifies, in the Middle Voice, "to take care against a thing, to avoid," 2 Corinthians 8:20 ; in 2 Thessalonians 3:6 , "of withdrawing from a person." See WITHDRAW.

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Vines, W. E., M. A. Entry for 'Avoid'. Vine's Expository Dictionary of NT Words. 1940.

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