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Observation, Observe

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A — 1: παρατήρησις
(Strong's #3907 — Noun Feminine — parateresis — par-at-ay'-ray-sis )

"attentive watching" (akin to paratereo, "to observe"), is used in Luke 17:20 , of the manner in which the kingdom of God (i.e., the operation of the spiritual kingdom in the hearts of men) does not come, "in such a manner that it can be watched with the eyes" (Grimm-Thayer), or, as AV marg., "with outward show."

B — 1: ἀναθεωρέω
(Strong's #333 — Verb — anatheoreo — an-ath-eh-o-reh'-o )

"to observe carefully, consider well" (ana, "up," intensive, and theoreo, "to behold"), is used in Acts 17:23 , RV, "observed" (of Paul's notice of the objects of Athenian worship), and Hebrews 13:7 , "considering." See BEHOLD.

B — 2: τηρέω
(Strong's #5083 — Verb — tereo — tay-reh'-o )

see KEEP , No. 1.

B — 3: συντηρέω
(Strong's #4933 — Verb — suntereo — soon-tay-reh'-o )

see KEEP , No. 3.

B — 4: παρατηρέω
(Strong's #3906 — Verb — paratereo — par-at-ay-reh'-o )

"to watch closely, observe narrowly" (para, used intensively, and No. 2), is translated "ye observe" in Galatians 4:10 , where the Middle Voice suggests that their religious observance of days, etc. was not from disinterested motives, but with a view to their own advantage. See WATCH. Cp. phroneo ("to think"), "regardeth" in Romans 14:6 , where the subject is connected with the above, though the motive differs.

B — 5: φυλάσσω
(Strong's #5442 — Verb — phulasso — foo-las'-so )

see KEEP , No. 4.

B — 6: ποιέω
(Strong's #4160 — Verb — poieo — poy-eh'-o )

"to do," is translated "to observe" in Acts 16:21 . See DO.

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